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Washington Explorer Search and Rescue Pierce County Unit (PCESAR) is an organization of volunteers ages 14 and up founded to assist local law enforcement in the search for missing persons in urban and wilderness settings, natural disasters, recovery of evidence, and evacuation of the injured.

Orientations 2015

Update: Orientations have concluded for 2015. If you would still like to join this year, please familiarize the requirements at pcesar.org/join, review the orientation slide show posted there, and come to Course 1 on November 21 and 22.

If you are interested in joining Pierce County Explorer Search and Rescue, the first step is to attend an orientation to learn more about what we do. Orientations are open to the public and will be held in fall of 2015 for the winter training season.
  • Sept 21 - Gig Harbor
  • Sept 28 - South Hill
  • Oct    5 - Bonney Lake
  • Oct  13 - Graham
  • Oct  21 - Parkland/Spanaway
  • Oct  27 - Milton
  • Nov  9 - Sumner
Orientations are held at local Pierce County Library branches on the dates above and start at 1900 (that's 7pm!). More information on the locations can be found on at Pierce County Public Library.

Missing 47 Year Old Male near Roy

ESAR was called out Sunday afternoon June 29 to search for a 47 year old man with some known health issues, last seen at 2200 hours the previous night. Two teams searched the subject's neighborhood, knocking on doors and talking with residents to try and establish clues on where the subject might have gone. A third team drove roads south of the neighborhood.  In total, 16 ESAR members responded.

Missing Woman in McCleary

ESAR was called by Grays Harbor county to help search for a missing 63YO Female, missing since 1700 on May 28. She left her house to walk a nearby trail, which she does multiple times each week. Subject saw mushrooms off the trail, went to pick them, then got disoriented and couldn't find her way back.

Parkland Search for 10-12 Year Old Wandering Streets

Citizens reported seeing a 10- to 12-year-old light-skinned African American male wandering the streets in boxer shorts and a tank top. Deputies called ESAR and GSSD to search for the subject due to concern for his safety in the cold weather. 6 ESAR teams searched the area from WA-512 north to 92nd, between Steele and Pacific Ave. Deputies called off the search at 0030 and debriefed.

20 ESAR personnel responded, including 2 of our current trainees.

Wilkeson Search for Missing Teens

Jan 30 at 1400, ESAR was called to search for 2 missing teen boys who were 20 hours overdue from getting firewood in Wilkeson. After discovering their truck south of Bonney Lake, 2 ESAR Hasty teams were sent to check trails in the woods. 3 other teams were being prepared for dispatch when the teens were discovered to have walked out on their own. After collecting the firewood, they went 4-wheeling before returning home, got stuck, and spent the night in the truck before hiking out.

16 ESAR personnel responded.

Overdue hiker near Crown Point, Crystal Mountain

13-4185 P3323s.jpg

After failing to return to his car by nightfall, a hiker decided it was time to call for help. He was able to make his way up to a ridge where he found cell service and made the call to 911. He described his position over the phone and resources from GSSD, ESAR, and 4x4 SAR were dispatched.

Missing woman in Gig Harbor

After fielding teams from GSSD, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department decided more resources were needed to find a lost woman in Gig Harbor. PCESAR was called to assist, and minutes later two members of PCESAR's hasty team were on scene. GSSD found the woman around the same time and other PCESAR resources were cancelled.

Lost Hiker on Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge
King County called us to assist with a search for a lost hiker on Rattlesnake Ridge. They exhausted their resources on Wednesday so we arrived Thursday morning to continue the search. Three PCESAR teams searched the logging roads and trails west of Rattlesnake Ridge. The snow-level was about 2400 feet so we spent most of the day in snowshoes.

Mt Si Skydiver

Type 3 search on Mt Si
Met at 0600 to carpool up to King County to assist in the search for a missing skydiver. We thought we would have a low turnout since many of our members were tied up in a training course, but 22 people responded. Five teams hiked up the main Mt Si trail to 3200' where we split off and did type 3 grid searches. The snow level was at 2500', so we were searching in deep snow. The terrain was fairly steep, 20-35% grade at times. It was after dark before most teams finished up their assignments and hiked back to the trail head.
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